Headmaster Message

Steven Lau 劉悅強

中文學校- 校長獻詞

與父母及祖父母溝通。正是因此目標,我們於 40 年前成立了[英國西南區華人聯誼會中文學校]。


但是,經過多年來的努力,現在學校已經能夠在穩步中成長。我們亦由早期的識字班,進展至現時提供 GCSE 程度的中




The Sunday Chinese Language School Headmaster’s Message

Our children are our future, not that they have been given the opportunity to learn their native language, but to learn the Chinese tradition and culture; this will enable them to communicate with their parents and grandparents. Our Sunday Chinese Language School was then founded 40 years ago.

Initially, the need was realised by the local Chinese community who believed their next generation would benefit in leaning Chinese whilst residing in the UK. It had developed from a group of like-minded people, to a simple gathering in a Chinese restaurant where they held the early literacy classes.

We are one of the first Chinese Language School set up in the South West area. Many local Chinese teenagers enrol in this course with hopes to learn more about the language of their heritage.

Over the years, the school has battled through many difficulties, including relocation, with influxes in the number of students attending. Through a succession of time and efforts contributed by many people unconditionally, the school has been running steadily. The classes have now evolved from the early literacy classes, to the GCSE classes of today, with the ability to achieve
GCSE standards.

In recent years, due to the fact that demand in Mandarin has increased, hence classes for this specific dialect was introduced to the school not only for children but for adults as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers involved, not only during my term as headmaster, but to all who participated over the four decades.