何邱梅 Mrs Yau Mui Ho 耆康社會長 Chairman of EPC

何邱梅 Mrs Yau Mui Ho
耆康社會長 Chairman of EPC







Introduction to Elderly People’s Club

The “Overseas Chinese Association (South West Region)” was established by a group of Chinese forty years ago, which has grouped our Chinese community in the south west area. Likewise, the Association has also founded the Elderly People’s Club twenty four years ago. Since then, the average number of members of the EPC has been over a hundred. We sincerely wish them good health, happiness and well being.

The club opens twice a week, providing lunch and as a drop-in information centre at the OCA venue, where the Chinese elders can gather and access various services via referral to authorities and agencies for health and social issues, particularly for those members who do not speak fluent English.

Other various activities are also organised, such as festival celebrations, exercise classes, day trips for sight-seeing and shopping, flower arrangement classes and Chinese calligraphy sessions, and more … This certainly would benefit their physical and mental well being.

The hard work of the Chinese elderly people has no doubt paved a way for our next generation.