中文學校: 五至十七歲
耆康社: 六十歲以上
婦女組: 十八歲以上婦女
中文衛生証書課程: 任何從事或有興趣投身於飲食業人仕
就業輔導計劃: 十六歲以上及非全職工作人仕
中秋節及新年慶祝會: 任何對中國文化有興趣或希望參與慶祝人仕



The Association is based in Bristol. It serves all people from Chinese origin who are living or working in this surrounding areas.

Details are as follows:

The Sunday Chinese Language School
– age five to seventeen

Elderly Peoples’ Club
– sixty or over

Women’s Club
– eighteen or over

Food Hygiene Certificate Course in Chinese
– anyone who works and prepares to work in catering industry.

Road to Employment
– anyone who is unemployed or works less than sixteen hours per week.

Mid-autumn Festival and Chinese New Year Celebrations
– all people who are interested in Chinese culture or wish to participate in the celebration.